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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Services Fairfield County, CT—Make it Spotless every time with our Soft Wash Certified team.

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SPOTLESS Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Inc. is a Fairfield County, CT roof and house wash certified and licensed soft wash applicator. We are experts at cleaning asphalt, slate and cedar shake roofs and the vinyl, brick or cedar siding of your home. In addition, we clean masonry surfaces such as concrete or pavers.

Soft wash systems are lower pressure pump spray application of cleaning solutions, about the same pressure as the PSI on your hose. If you have found us while searching roof cleaning near me or roof washing near me, SPOTLESS is the right place!

  • Soft washing is the most effective and least invasive form of roof and siding cleaning. Soft washing will extend the life of your roof and siding by removing mildew, bacteria, asphalt shingle staining and algae from your home and will not damage your roof, landscaping or grass.
  • All of our chemical cleaning solutions are biodegradable, eco-friendly and recommended by roofing shingle manufacturers as the best way to clean and maintain your roof. We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Our results have been amazing! Soft wash roof cleaning will improve curb appeal and home value.

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soft wash roof cleaning services Fairfield County Connecticut
Softwash 101 Certificate of Completion

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    Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Services Connecticut (also serving Westchester and Bronx)

    Make it Spotless every time with our Soft Wash Certified team.

    What exactly is soft wash roof washing?

    soft wash roof washing CTMany of our local customers ask me, “John, what exactly is soft washing and how is it different than pressure washing”? According to Wikipedia, “Soft washing is a cleaning method using low pressure and specialized solutions to safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from roofs and other building exteriors. It is so named to differentiate the method from power washing.”

    Soft washing Roof Cleaning is the most effective and safest way to clean your roof and provides the following benefits:

    • Maintains the structural integrity of the roof and your home
    • Cleans the moss off the roof
    • Improves the curb appeal of your home
    • Avoids water damage
    • Extends the life of your roof
    • Prevents pests and critters

    Roof Cleaning Before & After: View Our Work

    Before and After Roof Cleaning

    Spotless’ soft washing roof cleaning method is superior to pressure washing because the risk of damage caused by severe water pressure is eliminated through the soft wash roof cleaning chemical solution process. The PSI is the same as your hose water pressure and will not damage your roof. In addition, the application of the cleaning solutions is safer and more effective! Soft wash is applied from the ladder at the gutter line and involves less risk to the applicators.

    Spotless roof wash company in Connecticut

    Soft roof washing effectively removes dirt, grime, moss, bacteria and organic growth such as lichen from your roof and siding. It is applied by spraying a surfactant, water and Sodium Hypochlorite mix that is pumped from our truck-mounted soft wash system onto your roof and siding. The exact mix of cleaning solution is determined by the manufacturer to ensure effective coverage. It is sprayed on your roof and siding with a gentle water pressure similar to your hose pressure. The mixture is allowed to sit and breakdown down the dirt, organic material and staining. In many cases, we have to apply a light brushing to the roof or siding to remove severe bacteria buildup and/or staining. After the biodegradable solution is applied and brushed, if necessary, we then water spray off the solution from the roof and siding. In certain cases, we have to apply this process several times to get SPOTLESS results!

    Clean your dirty roof safely. Hire our Certified Technicians. Virtual quotes when you call (203) 531-1000 or text (914) 576-7000.  Free estimates

    Don’t Void Your Roof Warranty Coverage

    The Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association (ARMA) recommends soft wash roof cleaning the right mix of Sodium Hypochlorite, water and surfactant surface cleaner as the only way to clean your roof shingles that will not void your roof warranty coverage. According to the ARMA, soft washing your roof extends the life of your roof by up to 15 years. The ARMA recommends it be done every 3 to 5 years to extend the life of your roof. SPOTLESS Roof Cleaning is the company to rely on to do it right!

    Why Us For Roof Cleaning And House Washing?

    1. We are licensed and fully insured professionals. We carry general liability insurance with over $2 million in coverage as well as Workman’s Compensation insurance. We hold active licenses in Fairfield County Connecticut, Westchester County, New York and Bronx County, New York, as well as some local small villages such as Yonkers, New York.
    2. We are an experienced gutter/roofing company. Our technicians have been vetted and held to the highest standards for over 15 years that we’ve been in business. We employ several project managers who inspect and supervise our technicians and their work for quality control and excellence. If something is determined to be damaged, missing or otherwise needs servicing on your roof, siding or gutters, we can take care of it while at the house!
    3. We are a certified and experienced soft roof washing and cleaning company. As the owner of the business, I can attest to how challenging it is to develop the personnel and the skill sets necessary to continuously deliver and exceed expectations. I’m proud to say that I believe we are at the top of our class in this regard. I am very proud of the reputation for quality, integrity and value that we have built over these years.
    4. We are family owned and operated. My name is John Mahland and I am the owner of the business. My entire family works in the business as well as extended family. This is how we earn our living and we are striving every day to be the best. We try our very best to operate with the highest levels of integrity.
    5. We don’t skimp or take shortcuts. We buy the best equipment, use the best materials and hire the best available people, our greatest asset. Our goal is service excellence. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
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    Why Roof Cleaning Will Help You Save Money

    Here are the most common benefits to cleaning your roof:

    • Avoid issues with your homeowner’s insurance (keep it intact).
    • Avoiding health hazards from mold build up. Mold spreads.
    • Avoid build up leading to “roof rot” that will ultimately lead to roof leaks.
    • Extend the life of your roof, saving your money.

    Spotless roof and siding soft washing and cleaning of Fairfield County, Connecticut will save you money long-term by protecting the investment you made in your home. Many homeowners’ insurance companies require homeowners to clean the roof to eliminate moss or algae buildup on the roof before they will write the insurance policy. In addition, roof rot can occur if mold algae and moss is not removed in a timely manner. This roof cleaning process will extend the life of your roof, improve the look of your home and prevent water leaks.

    Spotless Roof Washing Promotion

    We are offering 20% off gutter cleaning when you sign up for roof cleaning. Also, ask about our combo deals and get your house & roof wash with gutter cleaning done all at once to save money!

    At Spotless, your roof is in good hands. Why work with our Fairfield County soft roof washing service?

    The #1 reason is our Qualifications and our Expertise combined with our Integrity. And, we do it all! Here are all of the types of roof and siding cleaning/ soft washing that we offer:

    • Roof washing
    • Asphalt shingle roof cleaning
    • Slate tile roof cleaning
    • Cedar roof cleaning
    • Metal roof cleaning
    • House washing your siding
    • Deck cleaning
    • Masonry cleaning, including pavers and concrete
    • Fencing cleaning
    • Stucco cleaning
    • Paver and Masonry Cleaning

    Spotless Roof Cleaning Customer Google Reviews

    Google 5 Star ReviewsWe have worked extremely hard to deliver 5 Star Service with integrity. Below are some of our roof soft washing and cleaning reviews:

    “Very easy to schedule and they did a great job, very professional, will use them again!” – Mr Dylan Yott, Fairfield County, CT (Google)

    “They were very professional and did Everything quoted in the estimate. I am very satisfied with the service” – Mr. Thomas Egan, Bronx, New York (Google)

    “Great service! Super-efficient with the time. He also made sure to clean up well and answer all the questions I had the cost is reasonable” – Mr. Mark Zezza, Fairfield County, CT (Google) 

    “The technician did an amazing job on cleaning my roof! – Mr. Rob Ray, Fairfield County, CT (Google) 

    “John the owner was easy to work with and responded questions quickly. The workers were excellent work quickly without cutting corners. – Mr. Luis Ramos, Westchester County, New York (Google) 

    “Excellent people. will definitely hire them again.” – Mr. David Press, Westchester County, New York (Google)

    We proudly serve and are licensed and insured in Fairfield County Connecticut, Westchester County and the Bronx, New York. Please call us today for a free estimate on your soft washing roof cleaning exterior vinyl siding cleaning needs. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. We can be reached at the following numbers: (914) 576–7000 and (203) 531-1000.

    Connecticut Roof Washing & Cleaning Process Explained:

    You might be wondering, “How do you wash a roof?” It’s a multi-step, efficient process performed by certified, trained professionals that safely cleans your roofing material from debris and build-up.

    1. Call, text or contact us online.
    2. Get a Free no risk estimate. Explain process and recommended treatment and options.
    3. Estimate is approved. Roof washing day is scheduled.

    No Pressure Method Before and After

    Our Soft Washing Cleaning Process

    ⁃ Tape and cover electrical areas. This is necessary to protect from damage to your electrical system

    ⁃ Connect collection bags to downspouts to capture runoff. This is done to capture runoff from the downspouts and eliminate standing cleaning solutions.

    ⁃ Water-treat shrubbery and lawn. This is done at the start of the cleaning process and throughout the soft washing process to dilute chemical solutions and ensure protection of your lawn and foliage.

    ⁃ Pre-treat roof & siding with water to remove lose debris such as moss and mildew.

    ⁃ Select correct mixture as per manufacturer’s guidelines, activate truck-mounted pump sprayer and apply cleaning solution at low pressure similar to a hose.

    ⁃ Let solution sit 15-20 minutes. The solutions will begin breaking down the lichen, moss, and algae as well as roof staining and discoloration.

    ⁃ Rinse off applied solution. At this point, a noticeable difference in your roof and siding will be visible.

    ⁃ Brush roof as necessary (heavy moss accumulation) to remove build up areas of lichen, moss, etc.

    ⁃ Reapply second coat cleaning solution in areas, as needed. In an effort to remove staining and stubborn moss buildup areas, we hand brush gently to activate the roof cleaning process and remove heavy areas of growth or staining.

    ⁃ Ground level clean up! This speaks for itself. We ensure that your property is left as we found it or better.

    ⁃ Spotless results!

    Please note that soft washing your roof and siding is an amazingly effective, safe and reliable method for roof cleaning, exterior siding cleaning and masonry surfaces. You will see an immediate and significant difference upon application. The process is incremental as the cleaning solutions continue to work over the coming days and weeks after application.

    before and after photos soft washing

    Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing

    Know the Facts.

    Treat your roof with care. Spotless does it right, the first time.

    While you may have heard of “pressure washing” the exterior of your home (we at Spotless do provide this Service for thousands of homeowners), your roof should really be treated with special care.

    But pressure washing your roof is not advised! It can be dangerous and cause irreparable damage to your home’s appearance and structural integrity. The high pressure can damage material, degrade roofing tiles (and siding) permanently and even cause new damage that was not there, for example.

    Instead, invest in roof washing. As the saying goes, if you aren’t willing to do it right the first time, are you willing to pay for it twice? Only the preventative maintenance of soft roof washing can accomplish your needs safely…

    power washing Fairfield County, CT

    When does Spotless provide power washing? SPOTLESS roof and house washing DOES do pressure washing, however, mostly to clean flat masonry surfaces such as pavement driveways walkways etc. However, we have found that pressure washing on flat surfaces is made doubly as effective when those surfaces are pre-treated with soft wash mix and then washed with a 15-inch rotating disc surface cleaner. The results are often incredible!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What collects on your roof that should be removed and cleaned off?

    Moss, algae, mildew and lichen are most common.

    What is that stuff on my roof and why is it there?

    Moss and algae are very commonly found on roofs. Moss is a plant that receives water from its leaves. Algae Spores are carried by wind and grow in cool and shady sections of the roof, in particular north facing sections. They will grow on any roof, given the right conditions. Your roof is constantly exposed to the elements. The black staining and streaking you may see on your roof is called gloeocapsa magma or GM. Our biodegradable and environmentally safe chemical solution mixed on site will kill all of these roof hazards and restore the beauty of your roofing shingle.

    How do I prevent roof mildew, etc. from growing in the future?

    Trim branches that are overhanging. In addition, it is critical that you clean clogged gutters and remove standing water. Take advantage of our 20% Off on gutter cleaning when booking soft wash roof washing and cleaning service.

    Can dirty roofs lead to roof leaks?

    Absolutely yes! Organisms such as moss, gloeocapsa magma, algae and lichen Attach themselves to your roof shingles. Overtime, they will degrade the roofing shingle and ultimately cause the shingles to lift up! In addition, removing them is best done by chemicals because if it is done by high pressure it can cause “pockmarks” or divots in your roofing system.

    Does having a dirty roof affect my insurance?

    100% yes. We are frequently contacted by homeowners who report that their insurance company has mandated that the moss algae & discoloration must be removed or their policy will be voided. Insurers are aware that failure to maintain a clean and growth-free roof will ultimately result in water damage to your home.

    Does soft washing really work?

    Soft washing roofs is the most effective, cost efficient and responsible way to maintain your roofing system. It has been around for decades and it is recommended by the Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association as the only way to safely and effectively clean your roof.

    Should I pressure wash my roof and is roof washing necessary?

    No! Never pressure wash roofs! High Pressure power washing should not be used on roofs!!! Our expert technicians know how to soft wash a roof effectively and safely. Asphalt shingles are not rated for that kind of water psi pressure. Severe damage can occur as well as the reduction in effective lifespan of the roof.  In addition, pressure washing roofs will void your roof warranty.

    Can roof washing save me money & what does roof cleaning cost?

    Roof Cleaning saves you money by improving the appearance of your home and maintaining the structural integrity of the roof as well removing potential damaging organic growth that can cause water leaks.

    What factors influence roof washing and cleaning costs?

    • Size of your house, deck, or patio.
    • Height of your house.
    • Ability to access the house, deck or patio.
    • Access to water which could impact setup and duration of project.
    • Landscaping and trees around the house.
    • Type of material being cleaned (vinyl siding, brick, concrete, wood).
    • The amount of the dirt, mold, or mildew on the surface.
    • Type of roofing material

    How often do I need to do a roof soft wash?

    According to the Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association, it is recommended to do it every 3 to 5 years to preserve the look and functionality of your asphalt shingle roof.

    What chemicals are used to soft wash?

    Chemical solutions are totally Biodegradable and environmentally safe. They are mixed on site in our tanks and applied by sprayer. The mix contains water, surfactant and Sodium Hypochlorite. Knowing which chemicals to use and the right mixture comes from our experience, the equipment we use and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    What other services do you provide?

    We are a full-service gutter and roofing business. We are experts in cleaning, repairing, and installing gutters every day. We also do pressure washing and soft wash roof cleaning.

    Residential & Commercial Roof Washing for Connecticut Property Owners

    Although residential Roof wash is the primary component of our business, we also do commercial roof washing and house washing. We have cleaned the roofs and exterior washing including pressure washing of commercial buildings, condos, hospitals and churches in Connecticut, Westchester, and Bronx NYC. Our soft washing system used for exterior cleaning and roof cleaning is the best in the business, and we stand behind our results on residential and commercial properties.

    Call us today for a free estimate on your residential or commercial property or simply search Roof Cleaning near me and we will either come out and give you an in person estimate or many cases we can do virtual estimates. Once again, we can be reached at area code (914) 576-7000 or (203) 531-1000 for a free estimate! Also, please feel free to email us to: spotlessconn@gmail.com. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you.

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