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Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Inc. of Connecticut (serving Fairfield County CT & nearby cities) specializes in Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Repair, Gutter Replacement, and Gutter Installation. Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair is licensed and insured with years of experience in Residential and Commercial Aluminum Gutters, Seamless Gutters, Copper Gutters, Yankee Gutters, Steel Gutters and Vinyl Gutter Services.

For a Free Estimate and Emergency Gutter Repair call us now at (203) 916-1449. We will beat any written estimate! Ask us about our Yearly Maintenance Plan to prevent other damages caused from an Overflowing Gutter such as insect infestation, mold, landscape erosion and foundation cracks.


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      We Offer Expert Solutions to Your Gutter Problems

      During the last four years we have successfully completed some interesting and complex jobs in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Listed below are some of those jobs:

      Greenwich, CT: A repeat gutter cleaning customer called us to evaluate water gaining entry into her bedroom, located just below the roofline on the second floor. Our project manager inspected the roof and gutters, and looked inside the attic to determine the source of the water leak into her roof and siding. After water testing the roof to simulate rainy conditions, it became apparent that when the roof was shedding rainwater into the gutter, it was being directed behind the gutter by a process known as centrifugal action.

      The primary cause for the water going behind the gutters was that the roof shingles were too short and not forming a large enough of a “bridge” for the rainwater to properly drain into the gutter. Our solution was twofold. First, we removed the existing 5-inch seamless gutter and installed a larger 6-inch seamless gutter, which offers much greater water handling capabilities. Second, we installed a drip edge, which is a piece of flashing that is inserted underneath the roof shingles to increase the “bridge” from the roof shingle into the gutter. We are proud to report that our Greenwich Connecticut customer told us that we are the only company that figured it out and said that we are one of the best gutter companies in all of Fairfield County, Connecticut!!  Thank you for the kudos!

      gutter cleaning & repair in Greenwich, CT

      Darien, CT: This customer called us at our Norwalk, CT location and requested a service visit to determine the best way to eliminate gutter cleaning. The property had many trees that were dropping a large amount of organic material. We recommended the installation of copper MicroGuard Gutter Guards and backed it up with a 10 year “no gutter cleaning warranty or it’s free”. The micro gutter guards were installed two years ago, and our customer in Darien, Connecticut has not called us since! Thank you for the business!


      gutter guards installed in Darien, CT

      Bridgeport, CT: Just last year, we received a call from a customer who had a persistent problem with the downspouts backing up. These downspouts were piped into dry wells. In this case, all four dry wells were overflowing and backed up. Our first solution was to thoroughly clean the gutters. In this case, the customer had white PVC “big-box” store type Gutter Guards that were very ineffective, so we removed them and completed a detailed thorough and professional five step gutter cleaning. A two-person crew made sure all the gutters were clean and the downspouts were flushed. At that point, we were inspecting the underground drywell and realized that it was blocked. We removed the old downspouts and snaked it clear and recommended the installation of downspout strainers. However, because downspout strainers are prone to causing the debris to build up inside of the gutter, we also made a recommendation to be on an annual maintenance gutter cleaning service contract. The combination of a service contract for gutter cleaning and the installation of downspout strainers has totally eliminated these problematic blockages!

      cleaned gutters in Bridgeport, CT

      Danbury, CT: A new customer called us and wanted to install new gutters. This home was remodeled and was very visually appealing it. After working with the homeowner, we recommended the installation of half round 6-inch gutter with four-inch round leader. The homeowner chose black gutters to match the windows and the shutters on the house. The job was very rewarding and it looks great today!

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      seamless gutter installation Danbury, CT

      Westport, CT: After cleaning this customer’s gutters several times, he asked us to see if we could remove the moss and mildew from his slate roof. He noted that his insurance company was requiring roof cleaning maintenance to validate the homeowners insurance policy on his home. We are very experienced in soft roof washing. This process requires specialized chemicals that are designed to break down the mildew algae on the roof. These chemicals are safe for plant life and will not damage the home. It took approximately 4 to 5 hours to thoroughly soft wash this roof in Westport, Fairfield County, CT and restored it to looking grand and beautiful again. Please note we also soft wash exterior of homes in Fairfield County and pressure wash masonry surfaces.

      New Canaan, CT: Our customer called us and told us that they had just purchased the house and the gutters had not been cleaned in many years. It took our team approximately one full day, but we completed a detailed and thorough gutter cleaning. While we were doing the cleaning, we noticed that the copper gutters needed to be re-secured and we installed new copper hangers. We are proud to say the gutters are now spotless!

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      Spotless provides both residential and commercial gutter cleaning, repair, and installations in Fairfield County, CT. Contact us if you need gutter services in the following neighborhoods: Bethel, Bridgeport, Brookfield, Danbury, Darien, Easton, Fairfield, Greenwich, Monroe, New Canaan, New Fairfield, Newtown, Norwalk, Redding, Ridgefield, Shelton, Sherman, Stamford, Stratford, Trumbull, Weston, Westport, and Wilton.

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